‘Browse’ is one of those words that starts to look wrong if you write it too many times. ‘Use’ is another, oo-se, us-ee. Don’t even get me started on ‘rhythm’. Anyway…

My uncle put me on to The Browser the other day and I, in turn, recommend it to you. Virality in action. It is, in its own words, a selection of the best features, comment and analysis articles from around the web. What you get is an email a day with links to 5 or so articles from respected publications the world over. As far as I can tell, any subject is fair game, the requirements are simply that the article is interesting, well-written and that it is quite long. The length criterion is key actually because it means that the author has had the chance to really get into their subject and hopefully the reader with them.

I have instructed my email to send these learned letters to their own special folder where unfortunately they tend to just sit there displaying their unread but emboldened (6) until I can look through them and pick one to read. But I have read some excellent articles so as an homage, here is a browser of The Browser:

Sean Parker: Agent of Disruption – Forbes

Tintin and the War – FT (all about Herge)

How the Potato Changed the World – Smithsonian

The Reinvention of the Night – TLS

A Brief History of the Brain – New Scientist

And the link to their daily newsletter:



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  1. Unless your going to spend a lot more money this is hard to beat. Thinking about buying another. One day I’ll spend big money but I won’t have fun with it like I do with this one.

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