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Biography is better

Did you know that Admiral Nelson, bastion of the establishment up on his pillar, was married but spent most of his life living in sin with a dishy Cheshire lass, whom he picked up in Naples and her aged, aristocratic … Continue reading


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A Noble Quest

I am reading The Calligrapher by Edward Docx and absolutely loving it. Like all the best 20th century fiction; it is erudite and informative but also very hard to put down. You can nourish your brainy bits and have a … Continue reading


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Documentaries are the new films

Since I have now watched all the films, I have been filling the film-shaped hole in my life with documentaries while Hollywood makes some new ones for me. The thing is, like a lion who has tasted fresh human, I … Continue reading


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‘Browse’ is one of those words that starts to look wrong if you write it too many times. ‘Use’ is another, oo-se, us-ee. Don’t even get me started on ‘rhythm’. Anyway… My uncle put me on to The Browser the … Continue reading


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You are some of the first brave explorers to wander this barren tract of internet. This is in fact new internet. The equivalent of some rocks off Iceland. So well done and thanks for coming! This website is part blog, … Continue reading


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